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# postdoc
Organizing to-dos and etc. to finalize details for postdoc work
Most of this will live in the projects tab, so u should browse over there, the readme is just an overview that i'm using while drafting.
# Areas
- Project details
- Scope of work
- Timeline
- wfh/etc. expectations
- Pay!
- Extracurriculars
- Lab Infra
- Coordination among projects
- Communications <-> reference
- Networking Bureaucracy
- Need to be able to build networked technologies
- Hosting public-facing services
- Hardware in another facility?
- Interop with other labs?
- Future of Autopilot
- Need some framework layer for different components
- Doesn't need to be autopilot, but it could be a decent place to start?
- Need to know what to tell collaborators/how to move forward with that project
- Finding another programmer
- Code built by a single person is way more fragile than even programming in pairs!
- Ideally, we would be looking for another software person that is interested in the p2p project specifically, or otherwise just another software person generally!