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# chatbridge
Like guppe groups but for slack, discord, matrix, etc.
Invite people to a matterbridge group with a token
Using matterbridge -
Very unfinished!! Mostly a programming exercise for me for now to practice fullstack. Theoretically it should be possible to reuse this but i make no guarantees especially while it is yno unfinished and potentially insecure. run at your own risk!
- [x] Manage matterbridge processes
- [ ] Sanitize user inputs
- [ ] Check status of matterbridge processes
- [x] Complete slack login workflow
- [ ] Kill group processes & delete config when group is deleted
## Supported Clients
(the ones that can use the website to join)
- [Slack](#Slack)
- [Discord](#Discord)
### Slack
- Set up Slack App with old style bot according to matterbridge instructions:
- Configure slack app to use the callback API url: `<yourdomain.etc.>/api/slack/oauth_redirect`
- Set your `.env` variables!
### Discord
- Set up Discord App according to matterbridge instructions:
- Additionally enable "[Requires OAUTH2 Code Grant](" in your bot's authorization flow settings
- Set the redirect URL to `<yourdomain.etc>/api/discord/oauth_redirect`
## Deployment
Use the ansible role!!!
## References
idk i'm just learnin