bridge between mastodon and git social and also caldav lmao
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masto-bridges (formerly masto-gitsocial-bridge)

Mirrored to if for some godforsaken reason you want to raise issues or pull requests or fork it or whatever

CalDAV to Masto (and back again)

Post directly from your (CalDAV) calendar, and follow your feeds from your calendar!

See config below for how to set up for your calendar.

Compatible with mobile too!

Post from your calendar, get your feed from your calendar

From Calendar to Masto

Make a new calendar event with

  • Event title/summary: your username or just user. Calendar entries that don't match your username will not be posted (since they aren't from you!)
  • Notes/Description: The content of your post!
  • Time, date, duration, repetition: don't matter for now!
  • The absence of a URL in the "location" field is used to make sure we don't echo posts we make from the real masto

From Masto to Calendar

When running masto_bridgebot with MASTOBRIDGE_ENABLE_CALDAV=true and MASTOBRIDGE_STREAM_MODE="home", your home feed should already be posting to your calendar!

To make it so only your posts are added to your calendar, set the stream mode to 'list'


bridge between mastodon and bcrypt's git-social

From git to masto

Post on git-social...

Post on git social: This is what we call infrastructure shitposting

Bridge to mastodon

Post on mastodon, same text but with link to the git commit

From masto to git

Post on mastodon...

Post on mastodon: This is the future of decentralized communication

Bridge to git-social

Post on git social: same post, but with link to tweet


Everything in this package is a bug and not a feature.



I'm not going to uh, make this good or put it on pypi or anything.

So you should clone this and install it with poetry, (otherwise you have to modify the below post-commit action to activate the venv where it is installed correctly)

git clone
cd masto-gitsocial-bridge
poetry install

Make masto token

~ check with your instance's policies before doing something bad like this ~

From your masto instance's homepage...

  • Preferences (in hamburger menu top right if page is narrow)
  • Development tab
  • New Application

The bot needs permissions (I'm honestly not sure you need to give all of read, but's me() method seems to need a lot of them. idk.)

  • read
  • write:lists - the bot only streams your posts by making a list with just you on it
  • write:statuses - to xpost, dummy!

Then copy the resulting access token for use in configuration...


See masto_git_bridge.config.Config for the required configuration values.

The config object uses Pydantic to load either from an .env file or from environment variables, for example, make an .env file in the cloned repository directory like


MASTOBRIDGE_MASTO_TOKEN="<mastodon bot access token>"


MASTOBRIDGE_CALDAV_USER="<caldav username>"
MASTOBRIDGE_CALDAV_CALENDAR_NAME="<name of calendar to use for feeds and posts>"

# "home" (for streaming your home feed to bridges)
# or "list" for streaming a list with just your account in it to bridges

This is assuming you don't need any sort of authentication/local password on your local git repository in order to commit or push to it.

post-commit action

In your git-social repository, make a post-commit action (.git/hooks/post-commit) that looks something like this (see the sample)

# Assuming we have installed the package using poetry from a git repository
# lmao I did not say we handled virtual environments well in this package

cd <path/to/masto-gitsocial-bridge>
poetry run post_last_commit

# otherwise activate whatever venv you have installed the package in and
# call masto_git_bridge.main:post_last_commit, which is
# installed as an entrypoint script by poetry


The post-commit action should run anytime you commit a post to git-social, but to post from mastodon you'll have to run the bot, which listens for your posts and reposts them to git-social (only if they are "public" or "unlisted").

poetry run masto_gitbot
# or 
# >>> poetry shell
# >>> masto_bridgebot
# or however else you run python entrypoint scripts
# hell you could do python -m masto_bridges.main:masto_gitbot
# i think?

Warnings & Gotchas

If you ever enable this, you should promptly disable it