janky twitter replacement.
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Terrified of falling behind in a world full of bad ideas?

Worry no more, now you can crosspost back and forth between Mastodon and the commit messages in an empty git repository: https://git.jon-e.net/jonny/masto-gitsocial-bridge
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What is this?

This is @bcrypt's janky twitter replacement.


Original tweet:

RT @bcrypt:

just made a “decentralized” “alternative” to twitter; everyone should go “join” it

to make an account: fork https://github.com/diracdeltas/tweets
to tweet: git commit --allow-empty
to follow someone: git remote add <alias> <their fork url>
to retweet: git cherry-pick <their “tweet”>


git reset --hard d10b092
git push -f origin main

Stuff you can do

  • to post:
git commit -m "your post" --allow-empty
git push
  • to follow someone:
git remote add <git name> <their fork of diracdelta's repo>
git fetch <git name>
  • to follow everybody using GitHub: ./follow-everybody.bash

  • to repeat someone else's utterance:

git cherry-pick <their commit hash>
git fetch --all && git rev-list --all --remotes --pretty | less
  • some alternative ways to view your timeline (use git show <commit hash> to show the full "tweet"):
git log --format="format:%Cred%cd %Cblue%h %Cgreen%cn%Creset: %s" --all --date=iso-local
git log --graph --all --decorate --oneline
  • to get verified (GitHub-only):
  1. follow github's own verification instructions and make your commit email match your GPG key email
  2. git commit -S -m "your post" --allow-empty from now on
  • to encrypt a message:

see encrypt using the public key of a github user in https://sshenc.sh/ or use your favorite key distribution mechanism to get their public key.